mercredi 10 février 2016

Hypnotic Catfish

Tala Capadonians

Today I'm really happy and proud to show you a new release from NERALGA.

Roscai, the creator, is used to offer us exclusive and original creation. It was a long time since his last realease but now we know he didn't forgot us. 

This tail is inspired by the catfish and as always textures are just awesome. 

Lets see it


The pack include 

Flexi tail
optionnal barbales

It exist in 4 different colors:
purple (exposed on these pics)
pic made by NERALGA (all rights reserved)

let's find all colors here: MP LINK

This tail works on mesh bodies (no layer needed) and casual avatars. The pack includes a male and female version 


rings (showed in black):**%7BFORMANAILS%7D**Accessoires+-+SLINK+Elegant+-+OPALIS-BLACK

Top (include in pack named "*EC* Lumina Mermaid - Water Nymph"

I can just tell you to get it, I really love this tail. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do

Lusa em,


mardi 9 février 2016


Tala Capadonians

I know there is a long time since my last post. But I was a lot busy IRL plus the underwater land doesn't offer a lot of new things these last times. 

Anyway, TIDEBORNS just offered us a new release. 

Let's discover it

The pack include
-the tail
-the bra
-the collar
-the belt
- upper and lower bracelets

To resume, all items you can see on pics. 
As always, a special tail controler is include and works with your casual AO. The tail is also compatible with the 5JOINT AO. 

You can find it in different colors there: 

There is a demo version able on MP and also in world.

For now there is just a female version. But Tithis told me the male one will be able in future. 

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. 

Lusa em,

lundi 7 décembre 2015

JAWS, sweetly dangerous

Tala Capadonians,

We are close of christmas, and we can't wait for receive our presents. I have a solution for you to help to wait: GO TO TIDEBORNS. 

today a new tail appears. a shark tail to look great and cute, with a little side of danger. 
as always this mesh tail have it's own controler to have a better effect and working good with your casual AO.

Let's see it in detail



(TB)KARHARIS TAIL (female model showed in purple)
(other colors and male model able too)


on the breast:
mix of 2 items.
horizontal hands include in the pack named "JS-Skeleton Lady"
vertical hands include in the pack named "::Envious:: Phantom"

upperarm ones
 made with the choker include in the pack named "JS-Skeleton Lady"

wirst ones:
Bliensen + MaiTai - Mano - Bracelets - Bone 

hands on hips:
include in the pack named "::Envious:: Phantom"

Ao used for pics: :KH: Mermaid AO4 -Ocean Sway-
place in SL: Haven of ODANYDWR SLURL

Lusa em

Orlane Congrejo

dimanche 15 novembre 2015


Tala Capadonians

Long time I didn't post anything. My personnal life was really busy, but be sure I didn't forget you. 

Few weeks ago, I get this tail TB made for an event made by another shop we all know really good named FALLEN GODS INC. 

I know I'm really late to talk about it but as we say in french "mieux vaut tard que jamais" (late is better than never) ^^. 

Let's see it

This shark tail made in mesh is absoluty awesome. As all last releases from TB, the pack include a tail controler to give it a move from left to right and work with our casual AO. I tested it with the 5JOINT and I confess the result was really nice. KH, TALA, and GE work also really good. 


I didn't use a lot of accessories. bracletes and belt are already showed a lot of time in older mosts (see SUBMARINE DREAMS)

hand bones on breat are include in the pack named ::Envious:: Phantom
mp link here

bones added to the belt named [MF] Mesh Belt attachment skull crane and bones
mp link here

 I promise I'll be back as soon as possible for another post. I don't forget you. 

Lusa em

Orlane Congrejo

vendredi 25 septembre 2015

Breacking news

Tala Capadonians.

A new kind of post is born. Sometimes, juste a short informations count as a complete post with many pics. 

For thoses who know HEAVEN OF MERMAID, you already visited the Neph's place HGM. just after this sim, a new one is underbuilding. I already visited it, even it's not fiished and I can promise you we'll have a great place. 

As soon as it's finished (or close to be), I'll make a complete post about it and will give You the LM. 

See you soon for a new post about life undersea in Second Life. 

Lusa em,
Orlane Congrejo

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Fire mermaid

Tala Capadonians

I had think a lot about this post. Should I do it, or not? that's the question I thought a lot and a long time before making my choice. 
I bought this tail 2 weeks ago, and just made my choice. 

Why a so big hesitation? just cause this tail desapointed me a lot. So really take care about what I'll say about it. It will only express my own point of view. I'm not in plans to judge anything and only talk about my own feelings. 

First, we'll examine the pack:

It includes a lot of items:
- Gloves layers for claws
-right and left claws (2 attachements)- hips fin (left and right, 2 attachements)
pant layer or scales (pant and underwear version)
-tail attachement (in 2 parts)
-alpha layer

Now, let's me explain why I didn't enjoy it. 
The 2 parts to make the leg have to be worm both. As it's explain in the note joined in the pack, the creator made this choice to fix it easier. But on knees, all depend of the AO you use, animations will make the tail look ugly. it looks like something I call "the sock effect". as a human with two legs in the same pant to play the mermaid. 

plus, this tail appears to don't work on mesh bodies. the layers are needed to make it work correctly. 

To resume
This tail can be a nice outfit to start as mermaid when we don't have a lot of money. or when we are not really into how our avi looks. This one is not made for me, but Im sure it could look great on someone else, and when you take time to fix it correctly.

in all case, you can find it here
mp link:
(exist in different colors)

Lusa em
Orlane Congrejo

mardi 22 septembre 2015

Whitecap's Bay # 6

Tala all

There we are, the last part of the collection. 

Color of the day: "Marina"

Into green tones,

this one also is only able on camping chairs at the shop (here)

The pack includes:
-alpha layer
-tatoo attachement
-tail controler addon

Now you know the collection completly, feel free to get your color(s) and put some accessories to look great.

Lusa em
Orlane Congrejo

lundi 21 septembre 2015

Whitecap's Bay collection # 5


Let's now without waitting the 5th part of this collection. 
Only able on camping chairs at the TIDEBORNS shop as usual (here)

This color is named "Aquila". You should think we already saw it, but not ^^. 
Aquila and Aquala are the two blue tones of the collection. this one is darker. 

As always, the set inclide:
-the tail attachement
-The tatoo Attachement
The Alpha layer
-Th tail controler addon. 

Lusa em
Orlane Congrejo

dimanche 20 septembre 2015

Whitecap's Bay #4


For this 4th part of this collection, we'll look at the darkes color "Tamara". 

For those who like the dark sides of the life undersea, or those who just wanna wear a style from fishes in deep waters, this color is really perfect. 

Far from clichés we often see in Shops, this color can be adapted to all styles.

Items include in the pack are stil the sames:
-alpha layer
-Tatoo attachement
-tail controler addon

Lusa em
Orlane congrejo

samedi 19 septembre 2015

Whitecap's Bay #3


You are now used to this so let's continue the collection. 
This 3rd part will expose the color named MORVEREN.

Only able at the TIDEBORNS shop on camping chairs (here)

The desing is still the same, and the pack include still same thing:
- the tail
-the alpha layer
-the tatoo attachement (for spots)
-the tail controler addon

The flexi fin permet to have a more realistic effect in movement. 

About this last pic, the tail is the same, the environement and my own graphic settings changed it into pink. 

Lusa em 
Orlane Congrejo

vendredi 18 septembre 2015

Whitecap's Bay collection #2

Tala Capadonians

Lets continue the collection we started yesterday. 
Color of the day: "Aquala". 
This one is only able on camping chair in TIDEORNS shop (SLURL)

Able in male version too.

The pack include the tail, alpha layer, tatoo attachement (for spots on the tail) and the Tail controler addon. 

I repeat it again, this tail is not able onthe market place. The only possibility to have it is the camping chair placed in TB's shop. 

Lusa em
Orlane Congrejo

jeudi 17 septembre 2015


Tala Capadonians.

I often have questions about followers of this blog about why I do it, or how I think this blog is different of others, etc.

So, I decided to make a FAQ. feel free to ask all you want in comments (don't care about your language, I'll use a translator if it's needed). And I'll answer in a future post when I'll have enought questions. 

Hope see you soon for answers


Whitecap's Bay collection #1

Tala Capadonians. 

Today we'll start a new collection named "Whitecap's Bay". From now and during next days, we'll look at this tail in different colors. 

Until now, I always showed ou tails you could buy. This collection is free. Yes you understood right, no need to spend L$ to have it. 
Made by TIDEBORNS, the model we'll lok at today is able on MP (here). 
for other colors, they are able just on camping chairs (30min to wait) and you have your tail.
We'll just see the female version, but you have to know Male version of all colors is aslo avalable. 

Let's now see details:

Color of the day: Syrena

The pack include the tail, an alpha layer (no need for mesh bodies), a tatto attachement (it's about spots on the tail), and a "tail controler addon". 

NB: the addon animates your tail only. it must be used mixed with our casual AO and don't remplace it. Also, for those who already have an addon from TB, this one is made specially for this tail.

for the 5J AO, the addon is not needed, and the tail is compatible.

The final fin is flexi, to give a more realistic effect on the tail. 

See you tomorrow for the next color. 

Lusa em
Orlane Congrejo

mercredi 16 septembre 2015

Mermaid in wonderland

Tala Capadonians

the collection called "daughters of Triton" is now finished. let's return to the casual way and discover other creations to make our life under the sea beautyful and tender (or not, all depend how we decide to live it ^^)

The outfit we'll talk about today is new and old at the same time. Let me be more clear. Most of us already know it. It was made for the EVE body. But the creator made a new version, now made specially for MAITREYA LARA mesh body (the one I use, yeaaaaaaah). 

To make pics, I used an ao made by the same creator called "*GA* Wonderful Mermaid I&II AO" (you can find on the market here)

Also all items I wear (outfit and jewels) are include in the pack (mp link here)

To resume, if you plan to buy this outfit, take care about the version you choose. there is 4 specific versions while I write theses lines (maitreya - SLINK - EVE - casual avatar). 
so, if in future you change your body, you'll have to buy the new version. the tail is in rigged mesh. 

About accessories, they are really easy to fix. They are made in not rigged mesh. just have to strech them as you wish to have them setted in few seconds. 

the HUD permet you to change the color of all or just parts of the outfit. you can also mix TEXTURE and ADDITIONAL COLOR to create your own ones and have a personnal customization of the tail. 

to be more clear, this is the MP link to find the outfit

Lusa em
Orlane Congrejo

lundi 14 septembre 2015

Basic Avatar

Tala Capadonians

Today we'll have a special post. I met many persons who asked me about the skin, hair, etc I use. So I decided to create a post to give you references of the basic apperance and items I use. 

As you saw on pics, I always have the same shape, hair, skin. It permet you to see different items on the same base, and it's easier for you to compare. Also, today I worked just on the first pic. The other one are just snapshots to permet you to see how it looks on my SL. 
Let's see the base of my avi


made by myself

Mesh body:
Mesh Body - Lara

Opera *peche*
nb: the skin applier for mesh body and hands are saled appart and also used

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant 1

Hybrid Eyes (Aqua)
no MP link, this item is no more avalaible, a new version is now on sale

I use 2 models
Windsong and Blown away
usually you see them in color named HOLLYWWOD, but I have fat packs

pic with the mix of these 2 hair

About AOs:

*GA* Wonderful Mermaid I&II AO

5Joints Mermaid AO

:KH: Mermaid AO3 -Dance with the Waves-

:KH: Mermaid AO4 -Ocean Sway-
not able on MP until the 15th september. Look at the post named "If cleo was a mermaid" for more informations here
and the addon named (TB)Mermaid of the Tides"extra tail ao controller"
able in some releases from TIDEBORNS shop (specially the MOT-TOXIC and the NERIED)

For sure I don't use all AOs at the same time. but the addon is used with all mesh tails.

hair named Windsong

You now know all items I use to make my avatar. if you need more informations feel free to contact me.

Lusa em,
Orlane Congrejo

dimanche 13 septembre 2015


Tala all
this is the last review of this gatchas collection. We now finish with the "ultra rare". I was lucky to receive it. 
This tail is the King Triton's one. Same bracelets, same crown and a special gold bra.

First I planned to resell it. As I had it just once, I had a lot of hesitation to unpack it. but just after did it, and test it I had any regrets. It's the first time I enjoy to use a blue tail. 

Hope this collection pleased you as much as I enjoyed to show it to you

Lusa em, 
Orlane Congrejo